No Barriers, Just Love

Sometimes, it is easier to hide behind a smile. That way, no one has to really know the matters of your heart. It’s easier to just say “I’m Fine”, but those who truly know you can read between those lines. Most importantly, God can. For many years, I’ve put up these walls; barriers to keep others from getting too close. Because when I love, I love hard, when I care, I care deeply, and sometimes, if not careful, that can be taken for granted.

But despite every barrier and mask, there’s always one who can see past it; way deep into the depths of our hearts… His name is Jesus Christ. He knows our pain, our past, and our true intentions. He knows that even though we may “try” to pretend that everything is ok, something is wrong. Jesus knows all and sees all, so our brick walls mean nothing to him. However, He is a total gentleman, so instead of barging in, He desires for us to choose. Will we let Him in?

Will we invite Him into the depths of our hearts, to knock down the barriers we’ve so quickly built due to pain from the past, heartache, or dismantled trust? Will we allow him to remove the masks from our faces in order to reveal the real issues that we’ve attempted to bury and hide? Will we allow Jesus Christ to be The Redeemer that He came to be for us during His powerful death, burial, and resurrection? He came to redeem our souls from sin, to rescue us from the lies and bondage of the enemy, and to heal our tattered hearts.

This journey was not meant for just one, but two; you and God. Let Him in, allow Him to lead the journey, and live forever in His love.

– God Bless ❤

3 thoughts on “No Barriers, Just Love

  1. I love this post and will probably end up in my prayer journal after this comment. I’m really trying more honest and open with the Lord. It’s a challenge for me, moving out of being closed off. This post is on time for me in many ways. thanks for sharing.


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