Welcome to¬†“A Daughter’s Crown”!! I am so excited that you are here!!

“A Daughter’s Crown” was created to be a blog that encourages and reminds women of their identity according to Jesus Christ. Where the world has it’s opinions and definitions of worth and value, so does God, and His Divine and Total Perspective of us is from that of a Father; an unconditionally loving, Faithful, and Sovereign Father.

It is my prayer that God’s Holy Word and truth will transform minds and hearts here. May the transparency, encouragement, and the many testimonies shared here bring healing, restoration, and identity awareness through Jesus Christ to all who read.

May God’s Divine Truth cause us to rise up as who He purposefully created us to be, versus the labels given to us by the world.

Join me on this written journey as we dust off our crowns, to walk in authority, through the power of Jesus Christ!